Our Brands

ACTIVE GROUP design and manufacture several different agricultural brands in Cowra NSW.

From their design inception, all products designed and engineered across the ACTIVE GROUP, are marked by clever and versatile design.

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AGRIBIN transportable field bins are strong, sturdy and built to last!! Our range of tried and tested field bins include the 62T Road-Train Bin and 48T Fertiliser Bin.

No matter what the season or use, AGRIBIN is fast gaining the reputation as the “game-changer”.

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BROOKFIELD® is an innovative agricultural brand that specialises in the design and manufacture of implements and systems to vastly improve efficiency in all things farming. Born from the minds and built with the hands of everyday farmers, these innovations have proven to be seriously effective in getting better results out of the farming practices we have been doing for centuries.

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TUSKAN is the revolutionary new way to load hay bales into a feed mixer. It’s a simple solution to a dangerous, messy and slow job.

It makes the task safer, easier, and faster.