About Us

About Active Group

The Wallace family behind ACTIVE GROUP are fourth-generation farmers and third-generation manufacturers of farm equipment from Cowra, NSW.

As farmers themselves, they are committed to reducing the risks of operating machinery, while introducing better systems that save time and increase efficiencies. As engineers they’ve been building farm equipment for nearly 50 years, so they know how to build machines that can withstand the rigours of day-to-day use on the farm.

Our Mission

Creating Sustainability

Our passion is to create sustainable life for families, friends and communities.

Our Vision

Building systems and machinery for agriculture that prospers the entire food chain globally

Our daily goal is to achieve another step on our journey that provides systems and machinery to men, women and children in agriculture, that boosts their productivity and outcomes, whilst enhancing their environment and prospering local communities, staff, suppliers and clientele.

Our Values

Reliable | Inspirational | Sustainable